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New 1099 Rule in ObamaCare Hurts Small Business

We need to get the word out on this and get it stopped.

Section 9006 of H.R. 3590 (Obama Care). Section 9006  places an unprecedented burden on small business by requiring any business that purchases more than $600 of goods or services from another business to submit a 1099 tax from to the Internal Revenue Service. The mandate is to take effect in 2012.

Small businesses are hurting everywhere right now. Regulations like these take small business owners off the task of running their businesses and make them serve as unpaid clerks for the federal government. The last thing we need is for America’s small business owners to be caught up in more red tape. This isn’t a small deal. It raises the barriers of entry for entrepreneurs and puts them at a competitive disadvantage against large businesses that have entire departments to deal with regulatory issues.

How can you help get this stopped? First educate yourself about Obamacare. This book is great place to start, then spread the word. It looks like Republicans will be take the US house and possibly the US Senate in Nov 2010. Once elected you need to stay on them and demand that they repeal this 1099 obamanation.

You can show your support by buying and displaying these stickers:

You can buy them here

Congressman Dan Lungren of California is working to get section 9006 provision repealed.