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6-6-2011 Island Placement and Electrical

Over the weekend we got our island and table placement exactly where we want them.

Dave Johnson from Imperial built a mockup island to spec and we were able to move it all over. Then we put our table where we wanted it. The cabinets and appliances are drawn in on the floor.


That was the weekend and the electrical started today. We are putting in 9 recessed cans. A whole bunch of other fixtures and cabinet lighting. They were also able to fish cable and ethernet to the locations around the house that I wanted.

6-2-2011 The Wall Comes Down

Dave tore the wall down today. I think the space looks massive. Chris thinks it looks smaller. Perspectives I guess…

The best thing that happened today was we discovered we can have recessed can lighting in our vaulted ceiling.  We thought it would be impossible because the the vault was too thin. It was good to find out we were wrong.

Tomorrow we plan the exact size and position of the island.



Kitchen Remodel 5-9-2011


We visited with Mark Breeny at Breeny Custom Cabinets May 5th in Sauk Rapids MN. We saw his shop and looked at handle hardware. After that, Mark was gracious enough to take us to his home to see his cabinets.

Here are couple of views of his kitchen:


After that we drove out to another impressive kitchen done by Brenny. This was an Arts and Crafts home nestled up to the Mississippi River north of St Cloud MN. He thought we might like the design on some of the cabinets.

The cabinets with the insert glass doors and the wood blocks in the corners we out of our budget but we could afford the basic design and possibly the tile backsplash as well.

We are going with the arched trim on the bottom of the cabinets like you see in the following photos:

We are also going to copy the railing design from this home. They will look similar to this without the ornamental blocks:



We are going with cherry cabinets and oak railings…