Newbie Getting Started on the Indieweb

I am planning to do a series of posts on getting running on the Indieweb.

I was listening to Triangulation episode 186 The New Cluetrain featuring Doc Searls and David Weinberger on TWIT last weekend and I heard Leo Laporte mention something that got my attention. He talked about Kevin Marks and what he called the Indieweb.

The idea as I understand it is that us the people creating content on the internet should have a way to OWN the content we create and it would be best if we could create content on our own sites first and syndicate it to corporate silos like Google+ and Facebook and Twitter.

The main website for the Indieweb is

Over the years I’ve lost interest in my websites and blogging in general because of this issue. Why blog? No one is listening any more. They are all on some social media site. Why spend a ton of effort creating content for Facebook or some other site that I will not own? So I just quit.

Well now I want to get involved in the indieweb and whatever ideas are built on it, but first I need to understand how it works, and I have have a bunch of questions.

It is like any technology, when I first get into it, I feel like I am missing some basic fundamental understanding.


For example there is the concept of IndieAuth. I get the idea but I don’t get how it supposed to work. So I put some links on my website that reference my Twitter and Google+ accounts and then I made sure my profiles have links back to website.

So I went into the header.php file of my wordpress theme and entered these lines in the <head> tag:

<link rel=”me” href=”” />
<link rel=”me” href=”″ />

Now I can use my domain name to log in to sites and tools on the internet that use IndieAuth, right? I’m not sure what that does for me or what that means. This is already too technical for alot of users and we need to clarify the benefits and how this works. I’d be glad to help with getting that message out once I understand it myself.

So what is actually happening here? Could someone else just visit a site and type in my domain name into an IndieAuth box and log in as me? How does it know it is me? What does this simple step really do for me as a person on the internet and my site?

Also I have two domains and and I am supposed to link to them from my Google+ and Twitter profile. It appears I can have multiple domains in my Google+ profile but not my Twitter profile. Well, you can add a second link in the bio area so I have tried that. This is what it looks like:


I decided to test it using and it appears it isn’t working for


So I tried moving the links around like this:



Now it says it works perfectly:

Indie Webify IndieAuth Success

So my question now is how can I use as my identity too? Do I need two identities? Help!

Also I am using the indieweb plugin for wordpress. Now I have these boxes below this post. How do I use them?  Do I need to? If I do use them what is the benefit to you or me?Wordpress Indieweb Plugin

Indieweb WordPress Plugin

My next post will be about getting h-card to work.




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