Consumerism is Good

Heresy right? If this title sound nuts to you, I challenge you to keep reading.Yesterday, I read an old friend write the following facebook status, “Don’t be a consumer, be a creator. The consumer economy is dead. Live simply.”

It sounds noble, but it is short sighted. Why? Who is going to buy (consume) your creations?

Creativity-Innovation/Consumption are each a side of the same coin. We need to be both creators and consumers.

Yes! Create! But but don’t forget to consume other people’s creations. We seem to have lost that sense of balance. Our culture seems to have drifted to point where consumption is viewed as a vice.

It also seems this entire create vs. consume mindset has produced mass myopia and hypocrisy.

Case in point, the Apple iPad. Now, I have no issue with Apple products, most are superior to competing products in many ways. It is more the zeitgeist that surrounds Apple products that I find disturbing. That zeitgeist is that Apple products are hip, cool, and the best for creative people. But… In reality iPods, iPhones, and especially iPads, are not creation devices, they are consumer devices that are used mostly for more consumption. They are also highly priced status symbols – which I have no problem with, except that these products, in reality, represent the exact consumerism that many Apple fans rail against.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the right or the left, or a Democrat, Republican, or Independent… hoarding, extreme frugality, and anti-consumerism will not lead us to prosperity, it will lead us to poverty.

Yes, be creative. But it is no virtue to be anti-consumer. It is quite the opposite, to be anti-consumption is selfishness. It is the failure to support anyone else’s creations but your own.

2 thoughts on “Consumerism is Good”

    1. Yes consumerism is good. Ipads are what they are, consumer items used for consuming content and apps. My point is that a significant portion of iPad fans buy them because they make them look hip, cool, and creative, while at the same time railing against consumerism – hypocritical… iPads are the quintessential consumer item, status symbol, and promote consumption. I have no issue with consumption, just consumers pretending they are hip creative types who hate consumption by buying a consumer product.

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