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Newbie Getting Started on the Indieweb

I am planning to do a series of posts on getting running on the Indieweb.

I was listening to Triangulation episode 186 The New Cluetrain featuring Doc Searls and David Weinberger on TWIT last weekend and I heard Leo Laporte mention something that got my attention. He talked about Kevin Marks and what he called the Indieweb.

The idea as I understand it is that us the people creating content on the internet should have a way to OWN the content we create and it would be best if we could create content on our own sites first and syndicate it to corporate silos like Google+ and Facebook and Twitter.

The main website for the Indieweb is

Over the years I’ve lost interest in my websites and blogging in general because of this issue. Why blog? No one is listening any more. They are all on some social media site. Why spend a ton of effort creating content for Facebook or some other site that I will not own? So I just quit.

Well now I want to get involved in the indieweb and whatever ideas are built on it, but first I need to understand how it works, and I have have a bunch of questions.

It is like any technology, when I first get into it, I feel like I am missing some basic fundamental understanding.


For example there is the concept of IndieAuth. I get the idea but I don’t get how it supposed to work. So I put some links on my website that reference my Twitter and Google+ accounts and then I made sure my profiles have links back to website.

So I went into the header.php file of my wordpress theme and entered these lines in the <head> tag:

<link rel=”me” href=”” />
<link rel=”me” href=”″ />

Now I can use my domain name to log in to sites and tools on the internet that use IndieAuth, right? I’m not sure what that does for me or what that means. This is already too technical for alot of users and we need to clarify the benefits and how this works. I’d be glad to help with getting that message out once I understand it myself.

So what is actually happening here? Could someone else just visit a site and type in my domain name into an IndieAuth box and log in as me? How does it know it is me? What does this simple step really do for me as a person on the internet and my site?

Also I have two domains and and I am supposed to link to them from my Google+ and Twitter profile. It appears I can have multiple domains in my Google+ profile but not my Twitter profile. Well, you can add a second link in the bio area so I have tried that. This is what it looks like:


I decided to test it using and it appears it isn’t working for


So I tried moving the links around like this:



Now it says it works perfectly:

Indie Webify IndieAuth Success

So my question now is how can I use as my identity too? Do I need two identities? Help!

Also I am using the indieweb plugin for wordpress. Now I have these boxes below this post. How do I use them?  Do I need to? If I do use them what is the benefit to you or me?Wordpress Indieweb Plugin

Indieweb WordPress Plugin

My next post will be about getting h-card to work.




Outsiders Poem – Inspired by S.E. Hinton Novel

My 12 year old son’s tribute to the Outsiders by S.E Hinton:

Stumbling, Stinging

Red Glow, Flames

Little Kids Screaming

and the Haze


Get Out! Coughing

Dally Swore

Falling Embers

A blocked door


Old Roof Crashing
It was hot

No time to see if he

landed OK or not


I leaped out

Dally clubbed me in the back

and I went down

into a peaceful black


If there were a sequel to the Outsiders, Pony Boy will have escaped social sorting and classification and become a  dreamer and a creator without limits. He discovers that limits don’t come from the outside but from the inside and that there are no limits.

Pony Boy and Johnny weren’t greasers. They weren’t fighters. They hadn’t stepped over the line and self labeled themselves yet. They weren’t stereotypes but instead people with ideas and dreams and goals and empathy and love. They hadn’t become jaded.

My 12 year old son Nik is reading the Outsiders in language arts and it has opened his eyes to social stratification as well as thinking about literary methods.

In case you haven’t read the Outsiders book or seen the Outsiders movie. The story is a tragedy, which are out of vogue today (which IS a tragedy). It is about a group of greasers in the 1950s who live on the wrong side of the tracks in Oklahoma City and are bullied by the rich kids (socs).

This book was the most formative piece of literature I read as I was coming of age. As a teenager I identified with Dallas Winston. No… I wanted to be Dallas Winston. Dallas Winston was a fearless fighter, he took the younger guys under his wing, he led the way, but he also had a golden heart which played a larger than life role in the tragedy. Under his mask he had feelings, feelings that he couldn’t express in the positive, so they came out in the only way he knew, with tragic consequences.

The other characters:

Soda Pop Curtis – the gas jockey high school dropout with movie star good looks who had every girl in the city visiting his gas pump.

Pony Boy Curtis – The dreamy reader and writer who loves sunrises but is born into a working class greaser life and tells the story in the first person.

Johnny – Pony Boy’s best friend who tells Pony Boy to ‘Stay Golden’ like the sunrises he loves so much.

To all my fellow Outsiders out there…

Stay Golden!

Jensen’s Cafe Burnsville MN – Review

Jensen's Kids Menu

On the advice of a friend, I took my two sons to breakfast at Jensen’s Cafe in Burnsville MN this morning. The small parking lot on the west side of the restaurant was full so we headed to the nearby parking ramp. While we searched for a spot to park, my son remarked ‘look at all these cars, are they all here to eat breakfast at Jensen’s?’

‘I think so, I don’t know of anything else open on a Sunday morning,’ I said. The ramp was half full.

Jensen’s Cafe is on the first floor of the Grande Market Square Building in the Burnsville Heart of the City development. Upon entering the building, couples and families milled about the hallway, a professional masseuse worked someone’s back, and sandwich board read ‘Real Norwegians Eat Lutefisk.’ We worked our way through the crowd to the entrance of the cafe where the host informed us we’d have a 35 minute wait. The boys were disappointed but we decided to stick it out.

We walked down the hall to the Ficus and Fig Gift Shop. Silver Bells played over the store speakers. Sparkling displays of Christmas ornaments shined. The store was filled with customers and three people worked the counter when one of them announced ‘time for the door drawing’ in a voice loud enough to startle my 9 year old. A line formed making last minute entries.

On the far side was another exit. Just outside the exit a young woman manned a table giving away fresh lemonade, cream puffs, sweet rolls, and other treats. My sons enjoyed a few of the delights which helped pass the time.

In the hallway TVs on the walls ran the the local news, where we discovered that it is supposed to snow 6-12″ tomorrow, Ugh!

We sat in front of a kids area where toddlers played with blocks  as their families waited nearby.

After about 40 minutes they called my name.

I ordered coffee which was standard American fare. My boys had Orange Juice and Cranberry juice which they described as ‘Sweet.”

Full menu here…

I had the Fiesta Ome-Alot. It was fresh and spicy. The peppers crunched and tasted as if they were cut fresh and added to the omelet that day. The Chipotle cream and chili sauce gave it a full Tex-Mex zing. It was the perfect amount of food for me. It came with a side of toast and potatoes. I left the potatoes but the smell of the wheat toast eventually lured me into taking just one bite and that bite led to another, so I eventually devoured the whole thing. I’d give my breakfast 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Fiesta Ome-Alot

My 12 year old ordered 3 pieces of Peaches N’ Cream French Toast. We should have stuck with 2 pieces as these pieces of French Toast are huge. He ate 2 of them and we brought the 3rd home in a box. He said it tasted so good he wanted to keep eating the whole thing but he knew if he did he would have felt sick. My son described it as ‘large.’ He gave it an 8 out of 10.

Peaches N Cream French Toast

My 9 Year Old had JULIANNA‛S APPLES & CAKES off the kids menu. He loved it and ate all the cinnimon apples but only half the pancakes. He gave it a 10 out of 10.


Service was good and we left over 20% for the tip, so the total bill came to about $40.00 for the 3 of us.

I recommend Jensen’s Cafe and overall it was worth the wait. We plan to return once a month, but we will probably choose to visit on Saturdays hoping to avoid the long wait.

Consumerism is Good

Heresy right? If this title sound nuts to you, I challenge you to keep reading.Yesterday, I read an old friend write the following facebook status, “Don’t be a consumer, be a creator. The consumer economy is dead. Live simply.”

It sounds noble, but it is short sighted. Why? Who is going to buy (consume) your creations?

Creativity-Innovation/Consumption are each a side of the same coin. We need to be both creators and consumers.

Yes! Create! But but don’t forget to consume other people’s creations. We seem to have lost that sense of balance. Our culture seems to have drifted to point where consumption is viewed as a vice.

It also seems this entire create vs. consume mindset has produced mass myopia and hypocrisy.

Case in point, the Apple iPad. Now, I have no issue with Apple products, most are superior to competing products in many ways. It is more the zeitgeist that surrounds Apple products that I find disturbing. That zeitgeist is that Apple products are hip, cool, and the best for creative people. But… In reality iPods, iPhones, and especially iPads, are not creation devices, they are consumer devices that are used mostly for more consumption. They are also highly priced status symbols – which I have no problem with, except that these products, in reality, represent the exact consumerism that many Apple fans rail against.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the right or the left, or a Democrat, Republican, or Independent… hoarding, extreme frugality, and anti-consumerism will not lead us to prosperity, it will lead us to poverty.

Yes, be creative. But it is no virtue to be anti-consumer. It is quite the opposite, to be anti-consumption is selfishness. It is the failure to support anyone else’s creations but your own.

7-1-2011 Kitchen Finished

We’re done. Well, there are just few little things left. We are going to enhance the tile today, put light bulbs in the fan hood, and caulk around the backsplash.

I have to congratulate Dave at Imperial Home Improvement for an outstanding job. The kitchen is amazing and he delivered it on schedule even with all of our last minute changes.

We still need to get window treatments and bar stools, a couple of drawers in the island need to be reworked, and we are waiting on one handle for the pantry, but we cooked dinner last night and breakfast this morning so the kitchen ready to use.

Here are a few pictures and I’ll add more once we are fully moved back into the kitchen. It’s still messy.

6-24-2011 Granite Counter Tops Installed

Our granite counter tops were installed yesterday, and the stove and oven arrived the day before. We ate dinner at the island last night and watched the Twins.


The buffet counter top:

We changed out the tile on our stairs. The flooring installers had to knock the top row of the old tile out to make the stair nose flush with the wood floor in the kitchen. I looked for replacement tiles at Menards where we bought the original tiles and they didn’t carry the style any longer, so we replaced it all with tile that matches what we are putting in the rest of the kitchen.

They are installing the back splash today


6-6-2011 Island Placement and Electrical

Over the weekend we got our island and table placement exactly where we want them.

Dave Johnson from Imperial built a mockup island to spec and we were able to move it all over. Then we put our table where we wanted it. The cabinets and appliances are drawn in on the floor.


That was the weekend and the electrical started today. We are putting in 9 recessed cans. A whole bunch of other fixtures and cabinet lighting. They were also able to fish cable and ethernet to the locations around the house that I wanted.