100 pc Toy Soldier Set – Lucky Products

Does anyone remember this ad?

100 Pc. Toy Soldier Set
100 Pc. Toy Soldier Set - Lucky Products Inc

I always wanted to buy this set as kid. The ad was in every one of the comics I read as a child. I always wanted to order them but my parents said it was a scam, so I never did order them. Did any of you ever buy these? Was it a scam?

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  1. Steve,

    Saw you post when I did a search on the toy soldier set. I remember that ad from just about every comic book that I had as a kid. I think it was one of the few things that I ever did send off for. I seem to remember another set with revolutionary war soldiers. I am happy to tell you that it was not a hoax and that I still have the set in great condition. The set was a little more fragile than the typical green army men that you buy in the store so they weren’t played with in a rough way or outside.

  2. LoL, saw your post while on the same search. You don’t know how many times I drooled over that ad, especially since they listed every single freakin’ piece too. 8 machine gunners? 4 Bombers? 8 Jet Planes? Aw, man.

    @Jamie G.: Dood, I’d love to see your set…do you have any pictures of it? It would totally clear up the myth for me and I’m sure hundreds if not thousands of other ’70s kids who were always curious about that. My friend said he bought a set that was indeed “real” but they turned out to be flat cardboard pieces held up by plastic bases (ultra-WACK!)…at least this ad really says they’re made of “durable plastic” so I guess it was the real deal!

  3. I had standard size army men and I always wanted more. The comic book set was tiny and useless, I was disappointed so I ask for more army men for christmas. My clueless mom got me one 12 inch tall army man! I don’t even know where she found it. I mean how can you play army with one giant army man!
    I wanted a set like my affluent buddy had with gray (germans), yellow (japs) and green (U.S.) and all the matching trucks, tanks and artillery. He must of had a thousand men. I showed up with my crappy little mismatched set and wasn’t allowed to participate. He was serious about his army men and I was just a wanabe!
    The only other thing I ordered from a comic book was a submarine that in my mind was at least 2 feet long. When it came in the mail it was about the size of your little finger, I just threw it in the trash.

    1. Bosco, did you decide on a price and can I purchase the box you picked up (within reason, of course)? I have a son that recently picked up some old 70s comic books and asked me to research this ad he saw. Glad to see we are not the only ones curious about this ad and wondering if there were any of these sets still in existence.

      1. Hi I just found these in the original box. Did you ever get a price on the box. Just wondering how much they are worth Thanks

  4. I have a complete set I ordered in the 70’s. I had forgotten all about it till my Dad brought it over tonight. All the pcs are there and the box looks good but maybe a little faded over the 35 years or so. The pcs were very fragile plastic. I googled the set and ended up here. Very cool to see the original ad, brought back lots of memories.

  5. I was a young child and couldn’t wait for this box and for so cheap. When the little box showed up and saw these little thin toys I was upset. But as time went by and now decades later; its my prize possesion. Its truely one of a kind. One hundred pieces in a box the length of a dollar bill is hard to imagine, but its still cool.

  6. Found this post when my son wanted to look up the company (Lucky Products) when he saw the add on the back of a vintage comic I showed him. I ordered these as a kid in the 70’s. I recall waiting so long for them to arrive, I had forgotten I ordered em’. So excited, I ran to the back yard ready to reenact WWII. Mine were all plastic and average toy soldier height, but I was disappointed to find them only about 1/16 of an inch thick. Still had plenty of fun though. My set is lost to time, wish I still had them now. Good memento for those that still do.

  7. Hi – I was doing some searching and came across this blogg. I’m located in Canada and actually sent away for the Revolutionary War Soldiers set and the Civil War Soldiers set back in the 60’s I believe. They actually arrived but like some have stated it was disappointing to see that they were very small and very skinny! Still would be neat to have them again after all this time!

  8. I had these Army men I was so disappointed when I got them in the mail my brother was laughing at me, they were flat army men and ships and jeeps and tanks all flat that broke real easy the only good part were the jets and bombers at least they weren’t flat, but you know what I wish I had them again.

  9. Got this set as a kid. Still have it. I wasn’t disappointed, but they were flat soldiers, lol. Would not consider it a scam. Just cheap toys.

  10. Just sitting around reading some old comics I hadn’t seen in over 40 years lol and there it was on the back page… The toy soldier kit I always wanted and dreamt of having as a kid… Would love to see one with my own eyes and see what I missed!!!

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